• Abby George Maggio | Worship

    Abbie George Maggio is a songwriter and worship leader at Redemption Church in Mobile, AL. Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, Abbie’s worship journey began at a young age. Surrendering to full-time worship ministry at age 14, she has been leading worship across the southeast United States and in Central America for nearly ten years. Abbie’s worship leadership seeks to creatively express the goodness of God, facilitating an honest environment of worship, allowing for the true character of Jesus to be on display. 

  • Roc Collins | Sunday 9:30 am & 6:30 pm

    Director of Strategic Objectives, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board.

    Click here for more information about his ministry.

  • Kevin Hamm | Monday 6:30 pm

    Dr. Kevin Hamm is the senior pastor of Gardendale First Baptist Church in Gardendale. He has the unique ability to hold an audience's attention by communicating God's Word with tremendous clarity and enthusiastic passion.

    Click here for more information about his ministry.

  • Jonathan Evans | Tuesday 6:30 pm

    Jonathan Evans, a mentor, author, speaker and former NFL fullback treasures his relationship with Christ along with the opportunity to use his life to glorify God. Jonathan serves as the chaplain of the Dallas Cowboy and seeks to impact today’s athletes, men and young adults by equipping and encouraging them in their faith.

    Jonathan serves with his pastor, friend and father, Dr. Tony Evans, both in the local church and the national ministry. They also teamed up together to write Get in the Game, a practical guidebook filled with sports analogies and spiritual truths aimed at strengthening readers with the skills they need for living victoriously.

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  • Daven Watkins | Wednesday 6:30 pm

    Daven became the senior pastor of FBC Pelham in March 2015. Before coming to Pelham, he served for nearly seven years as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church Pleasant Grove in Pleasant Grove, Alabama and before then he served as senior pastor for eight years at First Baptist Church in Owenton, Kentucky.

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with Joe Bruce

Join us at our Kid’s Awakening, August 29 - September 1! Each night at 6:30 we will learn that:

God Loves Us!

God Hears Us!

Jesus wants to be our friend forever!

Ages two years through 5th Grade. Worship care is provided for Babies through One’s.

We will have with us Joe Bruce:

From his rich background as a children’s pastor, youth pastor, senior pastor, professional artist, father of ten and husband of one, Joe is able to draw from a variety of ventriloquist characters and assortment of artistic mediums to communicate his message with a unique diversity. It has been said that one of Joe’s most amazing gifts is his ability to appeal to all people regardless of age, educational background, or economic status. His presentation is very organic and natural. His quick wit and clever characters will be sure to communicate redemption and restoration – a message Joe feels is essential in our culture. He uses the theme of “Joe’s Garage” as a place where he and his ventriloquist characters work on subjects such as character issues and real-life, relevant concerns in light of God’s plan and His Word. In his presentations, Joe may draw a caricature of a child from the audience in under 60 seconds, paint a 3ft. x 4ft. likeness of Christ, utilize three ventriloquist characters, or cause a portrait he’s drawn to come to life and speak to the audience. Joe has a diverse repertoire of creative and artistic talents and more than 25 years of hands-on experience as a children’s and family speaker.

KidsTown and Preschool are both in need of volunteers for the Awakening. If you would like to serve, please sign up in your ABS class or contact us in the church office or email us here.

Awakening 2021 Mission Project

Donations will be collected in The Commons. Contact us for more information!

  • Items to donate:




    Bars of Soap

    Flip Flops

    Hair bows/bands

    Pencils & pens

    Small pencil sharpeners

    Colored pencils

    Crayons & markers


    Small bouncy balls

  • Items to donate:

    Breakfast bars


    Peanut butter

    Microwavable ravioli

    Microwavable mac & cheese

    Fruit cups

    Granola bars

    *Please note items must be non-perishable and have a long expiration date.

  • Items to donate:

    Baby diapers of all sizes

    Baby wipes

  • Items to donate:

    Children's and adults socks and underwear