Worship Ministry

Sing to the Lord, all the earth; 

proclaim His salvation day after day

1 Chronicles 16:23

The Valley View Choir is an energetic group of worship leaders who inspires our congregation in worship on a weekly basis. Each upcoming Sunday is the most important date on our calendar because our church will gather together for our weekly worship services, and the choir places a high priority on our weekly worship gatherings. We believe that God uses praise that is lifted up in song to bring victory in people's lives. We use phrases like "Live to worship" and "God is worthy, and people are worth it," and "We are the ones who go before the battle and sing the praises of God," as a means of giving focus to our choir's purpose.

We sing songs that are exciting and uplifting. Anyone may join the choir at any time during the year regardless of musical experience, and we try to make learning the choir music easy and fun. Our rehearsals are full of practice, prayer, and worship. We manage to visit with each other a little bit too! Within the choir there are opportunities to sing solos and be a part of ensembles and the praise team, which is auditioned as needed. In addition to leading worship on Sunday, the worship choir participates in special worship presentations throughout the year.

If you enjoy singing, we'd love to have you join our choir!


How do I join the Worship Choir?

It's super easy!  When you attend rehearsal the first night fill out a yellow "Choir Member Information" card located on the table in the hallway.  Turn this card into David at the end of rehearsal and introduce yourself.  You will then be added to our roll, email list, PlanningCenter, etc.

Is there an Audition?

NO audition!

Who can participate in the Worship Choir?

Adults and high schoolers can participate in the Worship Choir.  (Choirs are also offered for Middle School, Children, and Preschoolers.)  

When are the rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m in the Choir Room.  There may also be specially scheduled rehearsals leading up to performances but you will be given plenty of notice.

Is childcare provided?

Child care/classes are provided on Wednesdays.  Visit the children's portion of the site to see information on what is available for your child.  Child care is offered "as needed" through sign-ups for special rehearsals.

What do I wear?

There is no set attire.  Blue jeans and suits/dresses are both great options.  For performances, certain attire may be requested (usually black base with several color options) and will be announced well in advance of the performance.

How many services do I sing in?

VVBC offers two Sunday morning services (9:00 am and 10:30 am) and we would love for you to sing in both.  However, we do understand that, due to various circumstances, you may only be able to sing in one.  (There will be no choir during worship services during the remodel, however, there will be rehearsals and possible opportunities to sing for other churches during their evening services.)

When can I start singing?

Today!  Join us any Wednesday to get started.

The LORD is my strength

and my shield; my heart trusts in HIM,

and HE helps me.

My heart leaps for joy, and with

my song I praise HIM.

Psalm 28:7

Using Planning Center Online

Logging On:

Logon to www.planningcenteronline.com using the information from the Welcome email that was sent to you.  If you  need another email set to you, please let Amy Jackson know by emailing her at ajackson@valleyviewtuscaloosa.com


Your welcome email will link you to PCO (Planning Center Online) where you will be asked to set up a password.  


Once you have logged in, please click on the PLANS tab towards the top of the page. Once this page loads, you may see all of the Worship Plans as they are set up.  

Listening to Music:

There are several ways to listen to music, and you're welcome to try the all, but this is our suggested way to listen. To listen to the music for the upcoming Sunday, click on the Plans tab and choose this Sunday's date. After you click on the date of the service, the order of service for that day will load.  Songs will be in a blue font with a number out to the right of it.  Hover over the number for the list of attachments to appear. The demo for the song will usually be at the top of the drop down list.

Viewing Music:

There are also several ways to view sheet music.  The way we suggest is to click on the Plans tab as you would to listen to music.  In the arrangement drop down tab, choose the attachment that you would like to view. (This most often will be labeled as a leadsheet, anthem, or choral attachment.)

Oh come, let us bow down in worship;

let us kneel before the Lord


Psalm 95:6

Praise team and worship band

How do I join:

Praise Team and Instrumentalists are positions filled as needed and require an audition.  Contact the music office if you would like to audition when we have openings at worship@valleyviewtuscaloosa.com.


Faithful attendance is encouraged and expected at all rehearsals, worship services, and special events that you are scheduled to attend.  If you know that you will not be at a service, we ask that you block out those dates in PCO so that we can plan accordingly.

Praise Team members who are scheduled to sing on Sunday rehearse the Wednesday leading up to the worship service in A101 following choir rehearsal.  If you cannot attend rehearsal on Wednesday evening, we ask that you decline your PCO invitation.  

Band members rehearse in the Worship Center at 6:30. 

Live to worship...

HE is worthy, and people

are worth it!

MIDDLE SCHOOL and children's CHOIR

Middle School Choir:

Our Middle School Choir meets at 5:00 on Sundays in A101 and all middle school students are invited to attend.  While having loads of fun, the students learn songs that they will sing with the Adult choir during worship services and special performances throughout the year. 

Children's Choir:

For information on our Children's Choir, click here.

worship staff

  • Amy jackson

    worship assistant

  • jennifer jenkins

    worship associate

  • tim harris

    instrumental director

  • david jenkins

    worship pastor