ABS Highlights

Ann Brasher: Room B109 at 9am- Ladies 50+: We have a diverse group of ladies that really feel more like real sisters.  We pray for each other and stay in touch all during the week with prayer request and where we are if we are out and report on prayer requests that have been answered – we just keep up with each other.   Our ladies are very generous to support our mission projects we always get above and beyond whatever we are working on.  

Jimmie Davis: Room B107 at 10:30- Ladies 40s-50s: I love my Bible Study Class! God has blessed our class with amazing Women who love the Lord. They are the most giving women and are so easy to love. Their support for each other is awesome! I am so blessed!

Jay Herndon: Room E107 at 10:30- Men: Our class is made up of a great group of men who have a love for one another and for the Lord. We enjoy good discussions abbot scripture and how it applies to our lives. 

Michael Hartley: Room B113 at 10:30- Coed 20s-30s: Our class provides an atmosphere where young couples and singles can find fellowship, spiritual growth, and accountability. We always try our best to be welcoming, and we have a genuine interest in the lives of our guests and fellow class members. 

Elaine Singletary: Room A102 at 10:30- Ladies 70+: I would say that we are a small group made up of elderly ladies who love each other. Ee love to fellowship and we love the Lord and are eager to dive into and explore His Word every Sunday.  We meet at 10:30, share prayer requests and praises, and have a lively discussion of our scripture reference each week.  

Ferral Wyatt: Room B107 at 8am- Coed 55+: We are an extremely close class that loves and cares for one another. We’re great friends that wonderful Bible study and fellowship every Sunday morning. Our class meets at 8am in Room B107. 

Briana Kidd: B205 at 9am- College: Our College Bible Study meets in a fun atmosphere that connects to college students and helps them feel at home and comfortable. The Bible study is always relevant and applicable to where college students are at in their life. It’s a great place to build friendships and to grow in your walk with the Lord. 

Brad McMichael and Chris Morgan: Room B203 at 9am- Coed 20s-30s: Our class enjoys great friendships as we support and encourage each other. Our class enjoys great discussion as we study the Bible together. 

Doug Walker: Choir Room at 9am- Coed 30s-40s: Our class is a great blend of relevant Bible Study, discussion, friendships, mission projects and small groups. The class is very welcoming and easy to connect with. We would love for you to join us and experience all that God is doing! 

Chad Wyatt: Room B114 at 9am- Cod 30s-50s: Our class enjoys a great blend of wonderful fellowship and great teaching. As soon as you step into our class you will experience a welcoming atmosphere with people you can connect with and grow in the Lord with. 

Chris Holloway and Terry Jordan: Room B201 at 9am- Coed 35-55: We’re a smaller class that loves and cares for each other. We love studying God’s word together and discussion how it applies to where we are in life. Our class genuinely supports and cares for one another. 

Carla Harris and Harold Wells: Room B113 at 9am- Coed 40s-50s: This is a great group of adults that enjoy being together. We have fun together fellowshipping and studying God’s Word. The group encourages and supports one another. 

Michael Dean: Room B103 at 9am- Singles and Blended Families: Our class enjoys fellowshipping together on Sunday mornings as we study God’s Word and encourage each other in a welcoming, friendly setting. We also enjoy getting together outside of the walls of the church. 

Bob Freeman, Steve Moffitt, Steve Smith: Room B107 at 9am- Coed 55-75: We’re a very close knit group of friends that love each other and love the Lord. We love studying and discussing God’s Word each Sunday. We are there for each other throughout the week. Come be a part of a group were you will be loved. 

Sue Nelson: Room A102 at 9am- Ladies 60+: This is a wonderful group of ladies that love the Lord, each other and the church. We check on each other throughout the week and pray for one another. Our class enjoys sweet fellowship and great Bible Study. 

Steve Wyatt: Room A101 at 9am- Men 60+: This is a group of great men who encourage one another through their wisdom gained through years of walking and serving with the Lord. This class enjoys the powerful teaching of God’s Word each Sunday as well as great fellowship and strong coffee! 

Randy Holcomb: Room B203 at 10:30- Coed 40s-50s: We love to eat and fellowship! We enjoy serving together in the community, we do several community projects throughout the year. A lot of our class serves at Royal Family Kids Camp as well as TRAC Teen Camp. 

Tony and Lynn Johnson: Room B103 at 10:30- Coed 40s-50s: Our class loves to laugh and have a good time! We experience great fellowship and friendships centered around God’s Word. 

Jo Smith and Lacey Lee: Room B206 at 10:30- Single Adults 20s-30s: Our class provides a place for singles to connect and study God's word as it applies to our lives- and have fun doing it! We also meet outside the walls of the church monthly as a small group. 

Gay Gray and Sharon Henson: Room B109 at 10:30- Ladies 60s+: These ladies enjoy studying God’s Word together and encouraging each other in their walk with the Lord. They enjoy great friendships together centered around their love for Jesus. 

Andy Dockery: Room A101 at 10:30- Men 70+: These men love studying God’s Word together while enjoy a cup of coffee. Great teaching of God’s Word, great fellowship with other men, and great coffee… You can’t beat it! 

Stan Gray: Room B106 at 9am- Coed 45-60s: Our class really cares for and loves one another. We are always there for each other. Each Sunday we enjoy challenging teaching. Almost every Sunday we leave saying, “I never saw it like that". We delve into our Bibles more and more each week. 

Sam Davis and Trent Williams: Room B114 at 10:30- Coed 25-45: We’re a group of friends above all else! We love doing life together! Come join us for a great experience with the Lord and true relationships that last. 

Kim Ray: Room B112 at 10:30- Coed 30-40s: In our ABS class we love spending time with each other and diving into God's word together. We especially love finding practical ways to apply His word to our everyday lives!

Cay Strickland: Room B108 at 10:30- Coed 40s-50s: We are a diverse group, made up of people from different walks of life that fit together perfectly. Our class is very welcoming and connect with new people easily. Come enjoy great teaching, discussion and relationships. 

Lance Wyatt: Room B207 at 10:30- Coed 40s-50s: We love each other in a genuine way! We love being together and always have a great time! This is a great group that studies God’s Word together, prays for one another and supports each other through life’s ups and downs.

Jack Freeman and David Nix: Room B106 at 10:30- Coed 40s-50s: We love studying and discussing God’s Word together. We can count on each other to always be there for one another no matter what we face. We have prayed, laughed, and cried together. It’s a joy doing life together with a great group of people!

Jim Smith: Choir Room at 10:30- Coed 45-65: A few phrases that come to mind about our class:  prayer warriors for so many, care givers in time of need, loving supporters of each other and our children's young families and our aging parents, friends who teach, lead and love each other through whatever life brings our way!

Corley Odom: Room B202 at 10:30 Coed 55+: In our class you will enjoy an awesome blend of real relationships and amazing teaching! We are there for each other through thick and thin. We pray for one another and encourage each other weekly.